Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are we fueling the so called Recession…?

Most of the Newspaper’s headline read like this “Has our deep recession turned into a not-so-Great Depression?”…

“Recession worse than predicted...”

A major thought which runs in my mind is this.

“Are we fueling this recession?”…

Nowadays wherever we go, read, discuss any topic or news, knowingly or unknowingly the discussion is centered on recession.

Even technology is at its best, using online polls they are sowing the pessimism seed by asking, “Will this recession be over by this year end?”

I voted yes in one such online poll and checked the percentage of optimist; we were cruelly beaten by the pessimist.

Now, Cost cutting is a buzz word in all the major companies. When everything was going fine, no one talked about cost cutting, zero defects, leave cuts.
When the financial crisis happened, everywhere the voice of pessimism followed.

... pink slips, salary cuts, and sales down.

It’s just reminds me of Mumbai terror attack. After the gruesome attack, all the major railway station was put under the scanner. All the baggage’s was checked. Is it happening even today?

I would like to share a story, which I came across a few days back.

Santa and Banta were friends. Banta is a MBA graduate, employed. He has fair knowledge about current affairs. Santa is different not so great, and has little knowledge on current affairs.

Santa runs a Restaurant in a city’s prime location. Santa ensures quality and variety in his cuisine and flavored it with attractive discounts, which fetched him a good customer base. Every evening, his shop would overflow with customers.

One fine day, Banta meet his friend and discussed with him the current trend in recession and layoffs. Banta advised his friend to adopt ‘price cutting measures’, by stopping discounts and by initiating layoffs as well. The first few days passed well when Santa implemented the business plans - cutting costs and layoffs as well.

The first few days the profit remained the same; he was earning the same profit and he was happy about the cost cutting measures. Slowly, however the profits started to shrink. As a result, Santa struggled to cover the running cost.

Santa pondered on the wisdom of his friend’s words and he believed that they were indeed in the middle of the recession. Santa was glad and ebullient that his friend had warned him just in time. What a good friend he was? Wonderful learning lessons, shall we call it?

…It’s all in our MIND! And we actually FUEL this recession much more than we think…